Ravenshoe Group - Markham, ON

I have to confess that I was sceptical at first. We were being told that ProTerra LED High Bays had a healthy natural light; energy savings up to 80% and were “instant on”. We were also advised that they contained no mercury so they could be recycled once their long life span was over which is great for the environment. It sounded too good to be true. However, I was really unhappy with our 400 watt metal halide high bays which were only 3 years old as they took forever to turn on; delivered inconsistent light and were already burning out (not only is it dangerous to change a conventional HB light bulb but it is expensive also). Since the payback in energy savings with the ProTerra LED HB was only 3 years at current electrical rates, we made the decision to switch to ProTerra LED technology and are we ever glad we did!
These Proterra LED high bays not only deliver on clean bright light. They are “instant on” and deliver big energy savings and the smaller, innovative design makes our warehouse look very high tech.
Rick Wigmore, President & CEO